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The Baker DD7 a Direct Drive 7-Speed

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The Baker DD7 a Direct Drive 7-Speed

Post by Chuck »

The Baker DD7, a Direct Drive 7-Speed, is a complete gear-set replacement for the Cruise Drive Harley-Davidson factory 6-speed. It's a great addition and upgrade.

The Baker DD7, a Direct Drive 7-Speed, is a complete gear-set replacement for the Cruise Drive Harley-Davidson factory 6-speed, and it improves that transmission, and the bike it's in, in lots of ways besides adding one more gear.
A common complaint from riders is that the factory 1st gear in the Harley 6-speed transmission is way too tall, which makes the bikes feel sluggish when leaving a stoplight. The DD7 fixes that with a shorter I st 'gear for much improved off-the-line acceleration. Because of that shorter first gear, and all the new gear ratios following it, the DD7 makes the bike feel more responsive overall, almost like some serious motor work had been done.

Another complaint with the H-D trans is shifter clunk. The factory main-shaft is a heavy one-piece design that includes 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gears. The audible clunk at every gear change in the factory 6-speed is caused by the heavy rotating weight and high inertia of that I -piece main shaft. The DD7, in comparison, uses a strong but lightweight main shaft and only includes the small I st gear as an integral part. With the DD7 installed, the Harley "shift clunk" is noticeable only by its absence. To further improve shifting the DD7 also incorporates a new linear roller-ball detent as part of its billet top cover, a technology first used in the Baker TorqueBox.

The DD7 is a great addition and upgrade. With the reconfigured gear ratios, a Harley is able to make full use of all the torque and power of its 96-, 103- and 110-inch engine. Instead of designing the DD7 gear set as a deep overdrive, Baker shortened the I st gear ratio and tightened up the ratios of all the other gears. The result is smooth, crisp and continuously pulling acceleration from 1st through 4th gears, and when you get into the cruising portion of the gear set (5th through 7th gears) there's no big drop in RPM from one gear to the next. This is the kind of transmission those new Harleys should have come with in the first place.

The DD7 Builder's Kit comes with everything needed for the conversion, and it comes ready to slide right into the bike. No case modifications, shimming of the gear set or complicated adjustments are required. And it's built Baker tough. The DD7's door bearings, for example, are 28-percent wider than stock. A re-cal box with all the electrical leads included keeps the speedometer accurate and for cosmetics the DD7's extra-strong trap door is available in wrinkle-finish black at no additional cost. The Baker DD7 is in stock now Baker DD7 Buy It Here
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