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Power Commander V Harley Davidson

Non model specific information for tuning and performance.
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Power Commander V Harley Davidson

Post by Jax »

My 2002 Ultra Classic has had a problem for awhile cutting out completly when riding, either at 5-miles or 100-miles just as if you hit the kill switch! Took it to Chuck and not only is that problem gone but I had him install a Power Commander V. All I can say is WOW! What a difference in sheer proformance! This bike is pretty much stock & only has 16.000 miles on her. I didn't want to go on and on here but I just wanted to say like so many of us feel that I took this bike in for the cutting off problem to two different Harley dealerships and both only checked the charging system. It was fine "they said!" Bikes Built Better were not only the most freindliest people but there right up front and talk to you about your bikes problems and then dig into the problem and fix it, period! I've been out there riding now for over 30-yrs, doesn't make me a know-it-all but I do know a good shop when I find one and Bikes Built Better is going to be my shop from now on. Chuck & Stephnie down there are very good people and easy to deal with. I can't say enough about this shop. Looking forward to my next ride with the extra power and smile on my face.
Thank You Chuck! You-the -man. :D
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