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Cam Change Kit

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Cam Change Kit

Post by webuser »

I have a 2001 Road King fuel injected. It has about 54000 miles on it and it is stock. It is making a chain noise from the engine and I am thinking it is probably tensioner shoes. That is what everyone I have talked to says it is...
Any help would be great.
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Re: Cam Change Kit

Post by Chuck »

There are a couple of ways you can change your chain-driven cams to gear-driven cams. It's a great upgrade; the bike's timing will remain steadier and you won't have to worry about failing cam bearings or cam chain tensioners. I've heard the S&S gear-driven cams and they're only a little bit noisier than the stock setup.

If you go with Andrews we'd recommend...

DS-199117 #26HG cam set, which is designed to increase low-end torque for heavier bikes and two-up touring. You'll also need...
DS199538 Four-gear set, and
0925-0182 Installation kit, which includes the bearings, gaskets etc
Our price for those three items would be $720.77. (MSRP is $809.85)

If you'd rather use S&S you can use.....
0925-0156 Cam and gear kit, designed for 88" engines with stock heads and stock valve springs. That kit includes all the parts you'll need. MSRP is $781.95, our price is $695.94.
Note: S&S says that you'll have to do some grinding on the inside surface of the stock gear cover. They also strongly recommend installing adjustable pushrods. (Probably a very good idea whether you go with Andrews or S&S on the cams.)
0928-0017 S&S adjustable pushrods (including collapsible pushrod covers)MSRP $210.95, our price $187.95

You'll also need some tappet block gaskets if you install the pushrods.

I don't know if you realized it, but changing those cams requires some special tools. Do you have them, or were you going to take the bike to somebody to have the job done?
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