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Posted: Wed Sep 17, 2008 8:58 am
by Chuck
The most popular accessory installed on a new motorcycle?
Exhaust pipes.
The cruelest myth around today?
Many dealerships tell their customers that they do not need
to recalibrate (or re-map) their EFI to accomodate a set of
performance pipes or mufflers.
Modern bikes are set up to be frighteningly "lean" right from the factory, in order to pass EPA emissions requirements. That lean mapping means that the bikes run too hot, spit, backfire and generally run poorly.

We've even seen stock motorcycles whose top ends were rebuilt under warranty because the valves got so hot that they burned up. A properly-mapped Power Commander can help even a bike with stock pipes to run cooler, smoother and stronger.

For a set of free-flowing pipes, recalibration is an absolute necessity...unless you want to have a future discussion with the dealership about who pays to replace your burned exhaust valves.

For $379.95 or less, a Power Commander is cheap insurance indeed.